2017 Year In Review

11:20PM. 12/31/2017.

I’ve been putting off making a year in review post for the longest time.

As 2016 ended, I wanted to make one too.

Then it was 2017. January. February. March.

Ah, it’s too late. It’s already April and it won’t make sense to be writing about 2016 at this point.

Isn’t this how we all feel with a majority of our goals and dreams?… Read More

The Best Investment Option No One Talks About

You’ve heard it all before.

“The stock market is going up right now! You should try investing in it!”
“The government is offering treasury bonds at a rate higher than a deposit! Let’s get them because they’re cheap!”
“Hey – my friend is planning to open a business. Do you want to invest in it? :)”

Of course, I have nothing against these investment options.… Read More

Book Review and Summary: Originals by Adam Grant

Book Review

“Originals: How Non-Conformists Move The World” by Adam Grant (Amazon Link) was an amazing read.

It wasn’t word-heavy enough to make you bored, but it was deep and thoughtful enough to make you have a number of “Oh shit that makes sense!!!” moments.

If you can see from the cover photo of this article, the highlights and page markers were A LOT on this one because of those moments.… Read More

Why I’m Making Reading A Habit Again

Have you ever gotten that feeling where your creativity is just dead and no matter what, you can’t think up new ideas?

It feels like this: spending a huge chunk of your work hours staring into blank spaces — and when you do work, you have a constant headache while your eyes just feel super strained.

That, to me at least, means my creative juices ran out.… Read More

Complete a 20 Kilometer Run in 12 Months

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As the air felt colder and my breathing grew sharper, I knew this wasn’t going to end well.

“Shit,” I told myself. “It’s been only 1 song down on my playlist. That’s around 3-4 minutes of running.”

“And I’m already tired?”

I jogged on, feeling the heavy weight of my legs that were aching to cramp itself in.… Read More

Your Idea F*cked Up. Not You.

Ah, the beauty of finally getting to pass your proposal.

“Finally, it’s done.”

You hold your 62-page paper, tucked inside a green, sliding folder. You feel relieved. The weight on your shoulders slowly lifting itself away. It feels so fucking good to be done.

You leave it in the office to be checked. You’re 110% confident that it would be approved.… Read More

Tired of Everything Already? It’s Okay.

I’m a very big believer of action. I live and die by the idea that you won’t get anywhere if you don’t take action. Which in writing, sounds like the simplest thing in the world. But we both know it isn’t. Taking action is fucking hard.

Dreaming of a nice, 162-page report ready by the end of the semester? That everything goes right and you have a well-formatted paper ready 2 weeks before the deadline?… Read More

The First Article I Never Published

This one was written on January 6, 2016. I could find typos and bad grammar all over it, but I decided to leave them alone. This was me, 4 months ago, vulnerable in every sense. Self-conscious guy, writing in a digital notebook. Everybody starts somewhere. This was where I did. The first article I never published. Enjoy! 🙂

Okay, I’m not really sure what to write about.… Read More