Your Idea F*cked Up. Not You.

Ah, the beauty of finally getting to pass your proposal.

“Finally, it’s done.”

You hold your 62-page paper, tucked inside a green, sliding folder. You feel relieved. The weight on your shoulders slowly lifting itself away. It feels so fucking good to be done.

You leave it in the office to be checked. You’re 110% confident that it would be approved.… Read More

Tired of Everything Already? It’s Okay.

I’m a very big believer of action. I live and die by the idea that you won’t get anywhere if you don’t take action. Which in writing, sounds like the simplest thing in the world. But we both know it isn’t. Taking action is fucking hard.

Dreaming of a nice, 162-page report ready by the end of the semester? That everything goes right and you have a well-formatted paper ready 2 weeks before the deadline?… Read More