The Best Investment Option No One Talks About

You’ve heard it all before.

“The stock market is going up right now! You should try investing in it!”
“The government is offering treasury bonds at a rate higher than a deposit! Let’s get them because they’re cheap!”
“Hey – my friend is planning to open a business. Do you want to invest in it? :)”

Of course, I have nothing against these investment options. From the stock market to your childhood friend’s food business in Sugbu Mercado – these are all great investments if managed right.

In fact, if you search “best way to invest” on Google, you won’t be disappointed by the number of resources out there that helps you learn how to invest.

Go on, check it out yourself.

Open a new tab and Google “best way to invest.” Read a few articles and let me know what you discover.

I’ll be waiting here!




Either you’re back or you didn’t go out and Google anything. Both ways are fine. ?

Here’s the thing: 90% of the articles you’ll find there talks about “stocks”, “bonds”, “mutual funds”, getting a stock broker, finding a financial planner, and so much more.

If you’re anything like me a few years ago – this is AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT LANGUAGE to your eyes.

What the hell could an “Exchange Traded Unit Linked Fund” be?

But in this cloud of information, in our quest to find the gem of information to answer our money problems, between all the posts of our Facebook friends who talk about the stock market . . .

. . . you forget that the best investment that you can make IN THE ENTIRE WORLD is right under your nose.

Have you guessed what it is?

It’s not the stock market.

Not your friend’s food business in Sugbu Mercado.

And it sure as hell isn’t the fucking government’s bonds.

It’s you.

You Are Your Best Investment

Think about it.

As you saw in that Google screenshot above, we (and 24,800,000 pages on Google) tend to associate the word “invest” with something related to money, banks, stocks, and the economy.

When really, you are an investment too.

Investing in the stock market is valuable. Building a business is valuable. Getting promoted to a secure, high-paying job is valuable.

But you know what’s more valuable?

The actual person who’s going to be making all these possible.

And that my friend, is you.

If you don’t arm yourself with the knowledge or experience to understand how these “investments” work, you won’t be able to maximize what you get out of it.

It all starts with you.

You see, in our search to find an answer to our problems, especially financially, we almost always tend to look outwards.

A good job. An investment plan. A bank loan.

While Googling, you read that a recommended investment portfolio for someone in your situation is “60% Savings, 20% Stocks, 20% Time Deposits”.

Here’s a question:

Where’s the % for you though?

We forget that the best investment to solve these problems in the long term is you.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take chances on investment opportunities. There are great options, and you should give them a shot.

But if you have only ₱5,000 left in your investable money and you’re considering investment options, my point is to remember you can invest in yourself.

Investment options like your skills, education, network, experience, and especially your health (this is a big one we tend to forget about!)

“7 Smart Ways To Invest $1,000” can come in later.

The next time you decide on what to do with some money you want to invest in, remember this.

Take the time and resources to invest in yourself before investing in others.

You are your best investment.

Do you look at the word “invest” and associated it with stocks, banks, and money like I did before? Let me know what you think of this article in the comments below! 🙂