2 Questions To Start Your Next Project Without Being Overwhelmed

You have that awesome project in mind. The idea is just going crazy inside you. You know you’ll want it to lean to a shade between green and red. You know that the packaging has to be that exact cloth you found in the Department Store last week.

You know how it will look like, how it will smell, how it will feel, and even how it will taste (regardless of what it is).… Read More

3 Things I Did Today To Overcome Overwhelm

Well, here comes the irony train.

In the last 7 days, I’ve stuck to my goal of publishing one new article daily. Coincidentally (or not), the last 5 articles I wrote were all along the lines of getting over whatever is holding you back. They were “motivational” or “inspirational”. Created to make you think “YOLO” and take action on whatever you want to do – no matter what’s holding you back.… Read More

Please, Push Through

Another one of those posts I wrote way back. This was written on January 7, 2016, and I edited it on January 27, 2016. The writing style changed drastically between both versions, and I will write about that soon. Stay tuned!

You and I know about the power of goal-setting. We’ve been taught that goals are the most effective way to get from where you are to where you want to be.… Read More

Fall In Love With The Process, Not The Result

Late at night you stay up, imagining what life will be like when one day, you finally hit your goal.

You can’t sleep because it gets you so freaking excited. The thought of finally graduating. Walking down that red aisle wearing that silky, black toga. You think,

“Finally, I’ll be done. I’ll be done with 7:30AM classes where I have to wake up 5:00AM every day just to get to school on time.

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Hit Your Send Button

I wrote this piece on January 6, 2016. One of those posts I “perfected” and never published. You can learn more about that story here.

Ever experienced a deep, hollow, and sickening feeling in your stomach? Or a sudden sweep of nausea that comes out of no where?

C’mon, raise your hand if you’ve had this feeling. I know I experience both, and right now, my hands are sweating like hell.… Read More

Be Better Than Yesterday

Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerburg. Bill Gates.

Human beings (just like us) who were once just dreamers. Visionaries, creating the future in their heads before anyone else could even think about it.

Who thought we’d be so attached to a piece of glass that we mindlessly scroll through for hours every day?

I admit, I want to be like them one day.… Read More

No One Gives A Sh*t About You

2 days ago, I published my very first post on this blog. It was something I wrote almost over a year ago. It was in my WordPress account since September 2015.

2 days ago was May 21, 2016.

That’s 8 months. 8 freaking months for an article that’s less than 500 words. Another fun fact: I remember that it took me days to get it “right”, whatever I defined “right” as.… Read More

Why Likes, Comments, And Shares Don’t Matter In Facebook Ads

Let’s be real. You probably have a Facebook Account. You probably also spend around 20 minutes per day, scrolling through News Feed. If you don’t, hit me up and let’s chat because I definitely need to know how you do it.

Everyone on Facebook knows that the primary way of interacting with anything on News Feed is threefold: likes, comments, and shares.… Read More

Stories and Cave Walls

At the heart of every human is the innate ability to tell a story.

That awesome night out you had with friends last week. That WTF moment when you almost got ran over by a taxi. That heart-wrenching time when your dog died.


Stories you tell your friends, your family, and maybe even your dog (while she was alive).

We love telling stories because deep down, we love hearing them too.… Read More