The First Article I Never Published

This one was written on January 6, 2016. I could find typos and bad grammar all over it, but I decided to leave them alone. This was me, 4 months ago, vulnerable in every sense. Self-conscious guy, writing in a digital notebook. Everybody starts somewhere. This was where I did. The first article I never published. Enjoy! 🙂

Okay, I’m not really sure what to write about. And that’s what’s scaring the hell out of me.

A week or two ago, I told myself I would start writing my heart out every day. I told myself I would get started. I told myself that I didn’t need anymore motivation and what I had was more than enough.

Well, I was wrong. It was never the publish button that scared me. It wasn’t the idea that my writing would be presented out there to the world, ready for the judgment that would come for sure.

What scared me was, does it really matter?

Will writing help me out as I proceed in my career? What actual change will I achieve from writing every day? I never really knew.

In the hundreds of articles I’ve read on writing, a short one by Jeff Goins hit me on the spot about what I feel about writing. He said that there are so many of us that want to write. So many of us that knows that writing, blogging, creating content, is the next big thing for online businesses. We even read about writing! But do you know what’s the one thing we aren’t doing?

Writing. Yep.

While the fear that’s holding me back is still strong, I’ve got to start somewhere. Again, Jeff Goins (really brilliant guy, you should go check him out) has this amazing 31 day writing challenge that has inspired me to start small with writing. Not that I didn’t know about the idea of starting small; I’ve already achieved a few things with the concept. There’s just something about writing that scares me the soul and motivation out of me.

Currently, it’s January 6, 2016 and I’m writing this entire thing in a note in my Evernote. Inside a notebook called “31 Day Writing Challenge”. Along with all my other notebooks named “written articles”, “planning to write”, and many other notebooks that I’ve planned to put my writing in.

You guessed it: they’re all empty.

Except for this one. Except for this 31 Day Writing Challenge. This is one of the few tasks that I will take upon myself to crawl my way to completion if I have to. I don’t know if this writing will ever come out of my Evernote notebook, if it will ever land in a blog I put up in the future. They’re all a blank and empty variable to me.

But what I do believe is important is that I’m starting. 99% of all problems come from the fact that we’re just too scared to start (okay I kind of made up that statistic). But it’s true! Ask anyone who has a dream. A vision for their life. Anyone who still is in school and wants to travel the world. Fear eats up from the idea of starting.

It’s just who we are as humans. We take the route that helps us best survive, the route that works today. The route that has no risk. The route that has no adventure. The route that has no thrill. All for the sake of survival. Ironic to note though, that we as a race have been moving forward because we’ve been doing the exact opposite the past 7,000 years. That’s the beauty of being human. We get to decide if we want to push the boundaries of what we can do.

So today, I’m still pretty scared shitless. What I am writing is basically a “Dear Diary” post of my feelings and thoughts. Kind of embarrassing if you ask me.

But at least I’m starting.