Please, Push Through

Another one of those posts I wrote way back. This was written on January 7, 2016, and I edited it on January 27, 2016. The writing style changed drastically between both versions, and I will write about that soon. Stay tuned!

You and I know about the power of goal-setting. We’ve been taught that goals are the most effective way to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Thing is, you and I also know that there’s a big problem with goal-setting: most goals don’t actually get accomplished.

Come on, admit it.

But now the question comes up, what’s wrong?

You may have the best system in place for your goals, but something is holding you back. You’re not motivated. Times are just getting harder and harder, and each effort you make toward “hitting your goals” feel half-hearted. Basically dead.

Goals are fucking hard to hit.

Goal-setting is effective only if YOU are ready to set and accomplish these goals. If you’re battling a beast inside yourself telling you that you can’t do it, you’re not alone. If you feel like every effort you’re making towards what you want you from life is not going anywhere, you’re not alone.

Honestly, it’s all so hard.

Every single day, you’ll feel like giving up. Every single day, you’ll feel like what you’re doing doesn’t matter. It will beat the shit out of you.

Some days it will hit you. You’ll want the easy route. The safe one. The one that requires you to follow the path that has already been trodden. The one that will tell you to keep a job you absolutely hate, just because of the steady pay. The one that keeps you away from what keeps you up at night. That dream job as a painter. That Graduate Degree in Chemical Engineering. That burning fire inside you that wants to build a business. All too risky for the safe path, and you want to avoid it.


You can’t settle for that. What you’re doing matters. Inside you lies a solution to a unique problem that someone out there is facing. You’ve been dreaming about how you could help other people, and you’ll just give up?

Hell no.

Please, push through. You might not hit your goals, you might not be able to even set them, but please push through. To quote Jon Westenberg, “Doing what you love is fucking hard.”

It’s pretty fucking hard indeed.

And that’s okay. That’s okay because in the end, it will all be worth it. In the process, you will learn. Please don’t forget to learn.

But, you will also fail. It will hurt. Those days that seem to go as long as forever because you know you were put on this earth for a reason and you just can’t find out what. They’ll be there, and the pain will be there with it.

It’s okay. You are going to get through it. Today, you’ll create the worst version of your work, but tomorrow it’ll stay that way: your worst. Every single day you will improve because you push through.

It’s not going to be easy at all, but that’s what’s going to keep you going. Your passion. The problem you’re solving. The dent you’re making in this universe. The people you’re doing it for.

Place them in front of your mind and tell yourself:

“Fuck it, I’m pushing through.”

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  1. Loved this one. Even felt like it was tailor-made for me. Keep doing what you do, Reinart! 🙂

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